Straight Teeth Are Healthy Teeth: Why Alignment Matters

Having straight teeth can feel like a purely cosmetic issue, but strong alignment brings significant health benefits, too. Properly aligned teeth can make oral hygiene breezier while lowering your risk for numerous oral health issues, from plaque buildup to tooth loss.

William M. Schneider, DDS is pleased to provide a range of services that can help straighten your teeth for a happier, healthier smile you can feel great about.

You can take better care of your teeth

When your teeth aren’t well aligned, it can be difficult to floss and clean properly. Well-aligned teeth should allow you to floss with ease, from the tops of your teeth to just below your gum line. And your teeth shouldn’t be so crowded that you can’t brush all exposed surface areas.

You may have fewer cavities

Crowded and crooked teeth aren’t only difficult to clean properly, but they also create areas where food bits and bacteria get lodged. The longer harmful bacteria stay around your teeth, the more likely you’ll be to develop decay and cavities — holes in your teeth that tend to grow larger over time. If you’re not a fan of drilling or fillings, making sure your teeth are well aligned is a good way to prevent extensive mouth work.

You’ll be less prone to gum disease

When poorly aligned teeth lead to poor oral hygiene and decay, cavities aren’t the only issue to worry about. Over time, tooth decay can lead to periodontal disease, which is also known as gum disease. Periodontal disease often starts with inflamed and bleeding gums, and can lead to more serious complications, such as tooth loss. Nearly half of Americans develop it, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The more you can do to prevent gum disease, the better. 

You’ll speak and chew better

Having properly aligned teeth means you’ll have a positive bite, which plays a huge role in talking and chewing capabilities. An improper bite can lead to problems with your jaws over time, which can make talking and chewing more difficult and painful. By improving your alignment through an option such as Invisalign® — clear devices you wear over your teeth and remove for eating — you’ll chew and talk with greater ease and prevent related jaw complications.

To find out how you can gain the benefits of better tooth alignment, call our office or request an appointment on our website. Dr. Schneider and his team would love to assist you.

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