Set Off your Summer Tan With Professionally Whitened Teeth

Are you concerned about your summertime smile? If yellow or discolored teeth have you hiding your not-so-pearly whites, it’s time to consider having your teeth professionally whitened. Drugstore remedies leave you with lackluster results that won’t last over time. Plus, professional whitening is safer for your teeth.

At his practice in Walnut Creek, California, Dr. William M. Schneider is an expert at removing stains and discolorations from teeth. Professional teeth whitening removes stains from coffee, nicotine, and more. Everyone should love their smile. Dr. Schneider enjoys sending patients home with white teeth and more confidence.

Stay away from drugstore teeth whiteners

Dr. Schneider has 25 years of experience with professional whitening services. There are several reasons that drugstore remedies aren’t worth the required time, effort, and money.

Be safe

Over-the-counter (OTC) teeth whitening products containing hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient can actually damage your teeth. One study in 2019 found that these drugstore whiteners can cause damage to the sensitive tissue found beneath the enamel, your tooth’s protective layer.

Every tooth has three layers: the outer tooth enamel, bony dentin tissue underneath that, and connective tissue that connects teeth to gums. Dentin is the hard tissue that makes up most of a tooth. The researchers from Stockton University found that the hydrogen peroxide in drugstore whiteners may penetrate the dentin layer under the enamel. When dentin is exposed, it can cause cracked teeth, cavities, gum recession, and even root erosion. It also causes tooth pain and sensitivity.

Save time

Drugstore teeth whitening products typically require two full weeks to see any results, and that’s even after applying a whitening gel twice a day. If you use whitening strips, you may spend even more time trying to get white teeth. Strips require application and then a wait time of 30 minutes or more, twice a day, for 14 days. That’s a lot of time to spend for inferior results.

OTC remedies have a much lower concentration of peroxide than professional whitening treatments. This is why yellowed or stained teeth won’t see a huge difference after two weeks of treatment. Dr. Schneider uses medical-grade whitening for faster, brighter results.

How does professional teeth whitening work?

After you make an appointment, you see Dr. Schneider only twice for treatment. The first step is creating a digital impression of your mouth. This is how the personalized plastic trays are fitted perfectly for your teeth, giving maximum whitening results.

The second appointment is making sure the trays fit properly for optimal comfort. Dr. Schneider gives you the specialized whitening gel that you put into the trays before they go in your mouth. He recommends patients use the trays twice a day for approximately 30 minutes, or you can wear them overnight for a few weeks. 

Time spent using Dr. Schneider’s specialized trays allows you to reach peak brightness, unlike OTC remedies that may damage your teeth while not providing satisfactory results. In fact, you can use the professional whitening gel as long as you’d like, without fear, until you achieve your desired result. The results last far longer, as well.

Are you ready to set off your summer tan with a bright white smile? Get the confident smile you deserve by making an appointment with Dr. Schneider. Call us today at 925-935-2700 or use our convenient online scheduling tool.

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