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Over 90% of adults have had a cavity in their lives. With his 25 years of experience in the field, William M. Schneider, DDS, helps men and women living in Walnut Creek, Northern California, effectively remove the cavity and restore your dental health. If you’re curious about the uses of tooth-colored fillings or want to get a cavity checked, get in touch with Dr. Schneider today by phone or online.

Tooth Colored Fillings Q & A

What is a tooth-colored filling?

A tooth-colored filling, otherwise called a composite resin filling, refers to a plastic mixture made of silicon dioxide used to fill in a cavity.

Dr. Schneider has decades-long experience placing tooth-colored fillings in areas where your teeth have suffered from decay or disfiguration. He also recommends tooth-colored fillings to fix cosmetic issues that might impact your smile.

How does a dentist place a filling?

Dr. Schneider can place your filling in a single appointment. However, there are two vital steps he must take to ensure its durability and your overall dental health.

The first step is to remove all decaying material from the affected tooth. This allows Dr. Schneider to make sure there is no harmful material in the tooth before filling it in with composite resin. Getting rid of decaying material also ensures the fillings holds in place.

To do so, he uses a drill. While this might sound ominous, he uses a local anesthetic so that you feel no part of the procedure. You simply hear the sound of the machine.

After removing all the decaying material, Dr. Schneider prepares your tooth for the filling, effectively cleaning out the cavity of all bacteria.

In extreme cases of extensive decay, Dr. Schneider might use a dental liner, which protects your nerve from exposure.

With the treatment area clean, Dr. Schneider can insert the filling on top of the tooth. This allows him to layer the filling material to ensure that each layer hardens. After this step is complete, he cleans and polishes the entire tooth.

When should you avoid a filing?

Dr. Schneider can recommend opting for a different treatment if your tooth is suffering from significant decay. In this case, he suggests that you get a root canal treatment. This will enable Dr. Schneider to remove the damaged pulp and cover the affected area with a permanent crown.

How should you take care of your filling?

Taking care of your filling doesn’t involve extensive effort. It should take anywhere between 24-48 hours for the filling to fully set.

You should exercise usual oral hygiene methods to keep your filling healthy. This involves regular brushing and flossing, regular checkups, and avoiding hard foods if possible.

If you think you might have a cavity, get in touch with Dr. Schneider by phone or online to book an appointment.