Make the Most of Invisalign: 4 Essential Steps

Invisalign® is an innovative, state-of-the-art approach to orthodontics that uses clear aligners to straighten teeth, remove gaps, and address a crowded mouth. 

Clear aligners are better than traditional braces because they’re made of soft plastic, so you won’t cut your mouth on metal. Invisalign aligners are also transparent, so you won’t feel self-conscious about sharing your smile.

At his practice in Walnut Creek, California, Dr. William M. Schneider is an Invisalign specialist, with nearly a decade of experience in creating Invisalign treatment plans to fix crooked teeth for people of all ages.

Dr. Schneider provides comprehensive smile assessments to get you started. After that, treatment may take up to 18 months. Here are four essential steps to making the most of your Invisalign treatment.

4 essential steps for Invisalign success

Dr. Schneider is an expert in Invisalign treatment, but it’s still up to you to follow his advice throughout the process. 

1. Wear the Invisalign aligner trays 20-22 hours a day

One of the attractions of Invisalign clear aligners is their versatility. The treatment lets you control when and where you use the aligner trays. Some people, for example, remove them for special occasions, like weddings or holidays. 

However, you should limit instances in which you remove them for extended periods. Wearing the aligners as much as possible ensures optimal results. Dr. Schneider recommends leaving the trays in for as close to 22 hours a day as possible.

He suggests that you remove your aligners only when you brush and floss and when you eat or drink. To ensure the best and fastest results, keep track of how often you don’t wear your aligners each day. You might be surprised at how long they’re out of your mouth.

2. Maintain good oral health

Invisalign may seem like a magical option to straighten teeth and promote oral health, but you’re still responsible for maintaining good oral hygiene. The good news is that it’s easier to floss and brush during Invisalign treatment than if you’re wearing metal braces.

With Invisalign, you can expect less decay and tartar buildup, and you notice healthier gums. Throughout your treatment, brush and floss at least twice a day. You also need to rinse and brush your aligner trays each night to keep them clean and fresh.

3. Be patient

It may take a few days to adjust to the new aligners you get every two weeks. It’s normal to feel a little discomfort or pressure; that’s how you know treatment is working. Don’t give up and remove the trays. The longer you keep them in your mouth, the quicker the pressure diminishes.

Use new trays at night to minimize discomfort. You can sleep your way through the first few hours of a new tray, which can reduce aching and soreness.

4. Don’t skip dental visits

When you begin Invisalign treatment, Dr. Schneider maps out the expected progress of your teeth using custom-made aligners. You receive new aligner trays every two weeks as the straightening process advances. 

You can expect to visit the dentist every 6-8 weeks for a new batch of Invisalign trays and to allow Dr. Schneider to check up on the progress of your journey to straight, healthy teeth.

Invisalign transforms your smile while allowing you to live your life as normal. There’s no special diet requirement, and you can continue participating in all regular activities. For a consultation with Dr. Schneider, call us today at 925-935-2700, or use our convenient online scheduling tool.

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