How a Tooth-Colored Filling Can Be Vital to Your Oral Health

Tooth-colored fillings are used to fill cavities. They’re made with a composite resin that blends with your natural tooth color.

What many patients don’t know, however, is that fillings play a large part in your oral health. They can prevent further tooth decay, tooth loss, and much more. Read on to learn more.

Tooth fillings can treat sensitivity caused by cavities

One of the most common complaints Dr. William M. Schneider hears about cavities is tooth sensitivity. Cavities break down your enamel and expose your dentin, the layer beneath your enamel. 

Your dentin connects to the nerves in your teeth, which is why hot and cold temperatures cause sharp, severe pain if you have a cavity. 

A tooth-colored filling from Dr. Schneider at our Walnut Creek, California office can protect your dentin from drastic temperature changes, and make eating and drinking the foods you love enjoyable again.

Prevent further decay and worsening dental problems

Cavities start as tiny holes on your tooth’s surface; however, they can expand and make these holes wider and deeper. In many cases, cavities can go beyond your dentin and reach your pulp. 

Pulp infections cause severe pain and swelling and usually require a root canal or tooth extraction. While tooth extractions offer a faster way of treating an infected tooth, your teeth can shift position because of the missing tooth.

Strengthen and improve teeth

Cracked, chipped, or worn out teeth can make simple things, like chewing, difficult. They also make your teeth weaker, which increases the chances of worsening damage. 

Dr. Schneider can use tooth-colored fillings to treat surface damage and make your tooth stronger, durable, and improve its function.

Fillings can help your self-esteem

Cavities can affect your self-esteem because they may show when you smile. Bacteria in cavities also produce odors that cause bad breath. Cavities may also cause weight loss, as the pain and sensitivity can make it difficult to eat.

What to expect with a tooth-colored filling

During your procedure, Dr. Schneider applies a local anesthetic and removes decaying areas from your tooth. He does this so no decaying material is left on your tooth and to keep the filling in place.

Dr. Schneider then removes all of the bacteria from your cavity and places the filling. It takes one appointment to complete the procedure and you can return your daily routine right after.

Don’t let your cavity affect your quality of life. To learn more about tooth-colored fillings, schedule your appointment with Dr. Schneider by phone or book your appointment on our website

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