Are Veneers an Option for You?

You may think of veneers as nothing more than an aesthetic fix. However, this cosmetic dental procedure is extremely versatile and can close gaps, conceal chips, and hide stained teeth.

At his practice in Walnut Creek, California, cosmetic dental expert Dr. William M. Schneider understands how veneers can improve nearly everyone’s smile and oral health. Read more here to see if veneers are an option for you.

What are veneers?

Dr. Schneider offers many cosmetic treatments, including veneers. These are porcelain or composite resin shells that fit over the top of your natural teeth. They’re incredibly thin and also tooth-colored, so they naturally blend with the rest of your teeth.

Veneers are biocompatible, so your body treats them like any of your other teeth. They’re also gentle on the gums and mouth, causing no disruptions to your eating or speaking.

What problems do veneers fix?

Veneers are useful in nearly any dental situation, and can both hide and correct problems.

Fixing gapped, chipped, and crooked teeth

If you’ve ever wanted to eliminate gaps in your teeth but don’t want to go through the time-consuming and costly process of wearing braces, consider veneers. In addition to making your smile gap-free, veneers can fix misaligned and cracked teeth, helping to prevent future dental issues.

Covering stains

Veneers help you achieve a beautiful smile by covering stains or discolorations. They can also fix teeth that look dull or yellowed, which happens as you age. If you want shiny, white teeth for this season’s holiday photos, consider making an appointment with Dr. Schneider.

Enlarging teeth

Do you have teeth that seem too small for your mouth or face? Veneers can address a smile that’s too “gummy” and restore your teeth to a size you’re more comfortable with. This cosmetic treatment is the perfect gift for someone who’s self-conscious about their smile.

Stains, misalignments, gaps, and more can all be fixed using veneers, a gentle and long-lasting option. In fact, veneers can last up to 20 years with proper oral care. They look and feel like a real tooth and must be treated like one as well. 

Are veneers painful?

Getting veneers takes two visits, one to make digital impressions of your mouth and a second to place the veneers when they’re ready. Dr. Schneider applies a special adhesive to your natural teeth to help the veneers stick permanently. The process is painless and noninvasive.

If you’d like to see how veneers can give you a gorgeous, healthy smile without denting your pocketbook, contact Dr. Schneider today. Call our office at 925-935-2700 or book your appointment using our convenient online scheduling tool

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