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Bridging the Gap with Replacement Teeth

Do you need dental work to improve your oral health? If you have missing or painful teeth, a dental bridge can improve your smile and restore your confidence.

Mar 4th, 2020
Non-Cosmetic Reasons to Consider Veneers

Thinking of veneers as a way to add more dazzle to your smile? It’s true that veneers dramatically improve the aesthetic value of your teeth, but did you know they offer a host of non-cosmetic benefits, too? Discover how veneers can help your overall oral

Nov 1st, 2019
Tips for Taking Care of Your Invisalign® Trays

Keep your mouth clean and healthy while your clear Invisalign® braces straighten your smile. If you practice proper upkeep and oral hygiene, your Invisalign® trays should remain invisible and odor-free.

Jun 1st, 2019
How Much Whiter Can I Get My Teeth?

Having a stunning smile often means being confident with how white your teeth look. Learn what can cause staining or discoloration and how you can get your teeth to the level of whiteness you’ve always wanted.

May 2nd, 2019
Veneers Are a Quick Way to Remedy Many Common Smile Flaws

Chipped tooth? Gap between your teeth? Embarrassing stains that don’t respond to whitening? There’s no need for concern. Read on to learn how veneers can correct those flaws and give you back that smile you haven’t shared with others lately.

Apr 9th, 2019